Hello. I'm Tim Nelke, a computer science major and future software engineer.

I love to write code and have an affinity for gaming and anime, also you can call me Horo.

About Me

At the moment I'm studying at the university for applied science Hochschule Niederrhein in Krefeld, Germany. Sadly as of now I have no actual work experience, but I'm trying to improve my knowledge nonetheless.

I initially got interested in programming at the age of 10, thanks to a friend that introduced me to writing websites. It was my first experience at developing anything and it felt amazing. As a kid I always grew tired of my interests rather fast, however programming was different — I was hooked and I never stopped since then. I took computer science as a subject in school afterwards, soaked up any information I got and improved upon them at home.

Nowadays I'm still not an expert, I have advanced knowledge on many topics and I'm able to learn new languages and models in a short period of time, however this is still only just a small milestone towards my real goal.

Favorite Work